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Joocy 5" - 35mm - Frame

The original Joocy ! 35mm standoffs high

With an H-shaped (squished X) geometry and 212mm motor to motor diagonal, it's the optimal freestyle frame !
Isolated stack in 30x30 or 20x20, less resonance, easier to tune !
Compatible with Caddx Vista.
Propeller size up to 5.1".

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What the... ?
A freestyle frame in T700 matt coated finish, super rigid.
5.5mm chamfered arms to rip hard !
A 212mm H-shape (squished X) for agility.
Grade 12.9 screws, to keep all that in place !

And then... What about the build ?
You can mount everything...
2 mounting's standoffs possibilities at the rear to fit any ESC.
Isolated stack in 30x30 or 20x20, as desired.
We can even fit the future into it!
Yes, it is compatible with the Caddx Vista and also with DJI Air Unit !

DJI Air Unit mount here


  • T700 matt coated frame
  • H shape (squished X), 212mm motor to motor diagonal
  • 35mm Standoff high
  • 5,5mm Arm chamfer and matte coated
  • 2,5mm Bottom plate
  • 2mm Top plate
  • 2mm Middle plate
  • 1.5mm Cam plate V2, mini format 22 mm (TPU shim for DJI cam)
  • 2 Standoff positions behind ESC
  • 30x30 et 20x20 mount for electronic
  • 20x20 at the rear for Caddx Vista
  • Props : up to 5.1"
  • Weight : 125gr

Thingiverse : 3D Prints


  • 4 x Arms
  • 1 x Bottom plate
  • 1 x Top plate
  • 1 x Middle plate
  • 2 x Camera plates V2
  • 8 x 35mm Standoff
  • 12 x m3x6mm
  • 4 x m3x10mm
  • 8 x m3x12mm
  • 4 x m3x25mm
  • 1 x Lipo pad sticky gel
  • 2 x Kevlar Straps
  • 2 x TPU shim camera DJI
Heks Frame
Joocy 5" - 35mm - Frame
Heks Frame build esc position


You have two mounting's standoffs positions at the rear to fit any ESC and keep place for your Caddx Vista !

Heks Frame stack 30x30 ou 20x20

Isolated stack

An isolated 30x30 or 20x20 stack mounting

* Heks Frame - Joocy - Build *

* 3D prints *

* Need spares ? *

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